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Workplace Bullies & Harassing Managers (July 2015)

"Anyone who has suffered harassment by managers and co-workers knows how negatively it affects the quality of the employment relationship – often turning the workplace into a "hostile work environment." These behaviors can turn a dream job into a waking nightmare. Some forms of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation are illegal, but others are simply not legal issues with an obvious remedy."   

So starts my Avvo article about hostile work environments and bullying, but this is what I really think ....  

Courageous California, leading the nation in "employee friendly" laws, has recently passed anti-trafficking laws requiring posters to be displayed in various workplaces.  I think this is a fine idea, and I am not insensitive to the horror and number of victims estimated to by the established task forces in the State of California.

But what about workplace bullying?  Sources claim up to one-third of employees in U.S. workplaces are subject to bullying and one-fifth of those circumstances escalates to direct harassment.  Why doesn't our courageous State jump out front and require anti-bullying posters in the workplace and penalties for employers who tolerate toxic work environments?   

I know why, and I bet you do too. 

Until then, California plaintiff employment lawyers wiill attempt to take up this slack by finding creative ways to hold employers accountable for injuries suffered by employees which are totally unrelated to the work at hand and not part of the employment bargain. Of course, these attorneys will be referred to as sleazy shake-down artists, much like the campaign against unfair business practice lawsuits in California. 

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