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Benchmarking Severance [proceed with caution] (December 2015)

Industry practice surveys can be dangerous as bench-marking and strategy assessment tools.  They are by nature rear view mirror looking, exclusive to the target market of the surveying consulting firm, and present a rather narrow view of broad industry practices and trends. They should not be read as realistic guidelines for your severance deal, (and that’s not their purposes).  

Nonetheless, these excellent organizations have offered these survey  summaries, (some may require download), and knowledge is power. Everyone likes to make comparisons.  Again, these tend to be larger employers who were invited to participate by top tier organizations in year’s past.  It is unlikely that your employer, or an employer like yours,  was surveyed:

AON / Radford 2014 Severance Survey 

RiseSmart 2017 Severance Guide & Survey

Hay Group  Severance Slideshare

Lee Hecht Harrison Severance Practices Benchmark